Participatory Budget

We Decide! Participatory Budget of the University of Algarve.

Participatory Budget (OP-UAlg)

In 2023, the University of Algarve makes 80.000 Euros available to the academic community in favour of projects that improve the well-being of the community.

  • 40.000 Euros, for students
  • 40.000 Euros, for teaching staff, non-teaching and researchers


Phases Calendar 2023
Public disclosure of the process Until March 30th
Participatory meetings Until May 4th
Submission of proposals Until May 4th
Technical analysis of proposals Until September 15th
Disclosure and public debate of the proposals Until October 30th
Voting on proposals November
Disclosure of results December
Execution of proposals 2024


Proposals can be built individually or by teams of up to six people. There will be teams of two types:

  1. UAlg Students;
  2. UAlg teachers, staff and researchers.

Proposals must be supported by at least 10 members of the academic community.

Each participant can submit more than one proposal.

The proposals will mostly be built and discussed during the Participatory Meetings.

The PB Steering Committee:

  • May call on specialists;
  • May meet with the authors of the proposals, to improve them or merge them with similar ones.

Once the analysis is complete, the Steering Committee draws up and publishes a list of proposals provisionally accepted and excluded.

Complaints can be filed against this list by interested parties.

September 2023

Once the technical analysis is completed, the accepted proposals will be announced and later will be voted on.

Accepted proposals will be debated in a public session open to the community, with the aim of encouraging debate, sharing information and collective definition of priorities.

Only proposals that meet the conditions of regularity and eligibility, in accordance with previously established and disclosed criteria, will be submitted to universal suffrage by the members of the academic community.

The winning proposals will be included in the UAlg Activity Plan.

The winning proposals will be executed until the end of the 2024 calendar year.

Applications: 1 April to 4 May 2023.

Online Form


Participatory Meetings

If you have an idea and are looking for support to make it happen;

If you want to debate or integrate the ideas and projects of others;

If you don't have a concrete idea but want to build it with the help of others...

Join us at the Participatory Meetings

  • April 11th
    - Penha Campus, ESEC (sala UP), 4:30pm-6:30pm
    - Gambelas Campus, Antigo Bar da FCHS, 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • April 20th
    - Penha Campus, ESEC (sala UP), 4:30pm-6:30pm
    - Gambelas Campus, Antigo Bar da FCHS, 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • April 13th
    - Portimão Campus, 3pm

In the Participatory Meetings you will find a group of people who will organize the discussion sessions and will be able to clarify your doubts.


Regulamento do Orçamento Participativo da UAlg
Comissão de Acompanhamento do Regulamento Orçamento Participativo da UAlg

Participatory Budget