Interculturality and Mindfulness

The University of Algarve is a multicultural environment. Aiming to promote the integration of students and use the benefits of mindfulness to support psychological well-being, the Interculturality and Mindfulness Program (PIM) was developed.


  • To promote the integration of students in the academic environment and in the Algarve
  • To foster a positive intercultural attitude
  • To reduce adaptation anxiety
  • To stimulate mindfulness skills
  • To develop communication skills
  • To facilitate the expansion of the social support network

Program Procedure and Content

This program consists of six weekly sessions of two hours each.

The number of participants per group is 12 to 18 students.


  1. Introduction and group integration
    "Land in sight: welcome to the university context!/ What is mindfulness?"
  2. Positive intercultural attitude I
    "Anchoring"/ The body and mindfulness
  3. Positive intercultural attitude II
    "(Re)Socialization"/Dealing with thoughts and emotions
  4. Intercultural Communication I
    "Verbal and non-verbal communication"/ Self-compassion
  5. Intercultural Communication II
    "Another way of interacting with the world" / Mindfulness in the daily life
  6. Program Completion
    "Weaving the support network" / "Week 6 is the rest of your lives"




Through Roberto Chiodelli's doctoral thesis research, entitled "Mindfulness and Solitude: effects of a brief mindfulness program on college students", the PIM proved beneficial in the pre- and post-intervention evaluation, as well as a tool for college students to continue improving their quality of life after the sessions were completed. The analyzed variables were emotional regulation, life satisfaction, stress, anxiety, depression, optimism, mindfulness, solitude, and positive solitude. Such positive results were detected both in the face-to-face and online groups.

In the first semester of 2022, the Interculturality and Mindfulness Program (PIM) was presented by Roberto Chiodelli, in a session dedicated to inclusive student support and good practices in pedagogical innovation, in the scope of the "International Peer Learning Seminar", invited by the European Commission and the OCDE.


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