Health and Well-being

Taking care of your body and mind is how we take care of each one of you, offering comfort, security and tranquility.


Ensuring your health and well-being is one of our biggest commitments. Aware that taking care of your body and mind is also taking care of each one of you, offering comfort, security and tranquility, the University of Algarve provides confidential and personalised medical care, in coordination with the various health services available on campuses. We facilitate consultations of various specialties to all students attending the University of Algarve in a quick and accessible way.

How can I make an appointment? 

The request for an appointment can be made by calling 289 826 347 between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm or in person at the Health Services of the Social Services of the University of Algarve, located in the building of the University Residence of Ferragial, in Faro. 

Who can make an appointment?

All students attending the University of Algarve can book appointments with different clinical specialties.

Health services

Students interested in the intervention of the SAS Health Services Psychology and Psycho-pedagogical Support Office (GPAP) team can contact them by telephone on 289 826 347 or by email on, any working day of the week, during office hours from 9h00-12h30 and 14h00-17h30.

Consultations last approximately 50 minutes. They can be in person (preferably) or online, via Zoom, and the cost per session in the health centres available in the Health Services/SAS-UAlg is merely symbolic for all our UAlg students: 1 Euro per session.

clinical psychology

Services temporarily unavailable


Queries: Nutritional counseling consultations are ongoing, being the responsibility of the trainees of the Dietetics and Nutrition Course, who, every six months, develop their internship at the Food Department.

Service: Mondays, from 09h30 to 11h30



'My Doctor' Clinic
The entire academic community, provided they present updated proof, will have a 30% discount on the price list, just for consultations, excluding medical acts. ( Price List )

Address: Rua da Polícia de Segurança Pública, n.º 36, 8000-408 Faro.
Telephone: 289 828 104 / 927 549 339

Sé Dental Medicine Clinic
The consultation discount will be 15% of the value. The updated student, teacher or employee card must be presented. ( Price List )

Address: Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes, n.º 3 - 2º, 8000-422 Faro

Telephone: 289 827 833 / 912 571 069

As part of the implementation of the Plan for the Promotion of Academic Success and the Prevention of School Dropout, the Psychology Office of the Health Services of the Social Action Services of the University of the Algarve aims to promote multidisciplinary intervention mechanisms with students at risk of academic failure and institutional dropout.

In order to flag up students throughout the academic year who show signs of continued academic failure and/or psycho-emotional and/or psychosocial problems, they should send an email to


Health Services of the Social Action Services of the University of Algarve

Rua D.Teresa Ramalho Ortigão, Lote 17, nº 83 (Residência do Ferragial building)

8000 Faro

Telephone: +351 289 826 347