Bars, Canteens and Restaurants

Restaurant Units

  • Penha Campus Cafeteria
  • Restaurante Grill da Penha
  • ESEC Bar
  • ESGHT Bar
  • Gambelas Campus Cafeteria
  • Gambelas Grill Restaurant
  • University restaurant
  • Cafeteria Cafeteria
  • Bar do CP (Pedagogical Complex)
  • Aquatic Bar
  • Portimão Campus Cafeteria
  • Portimão Campus Bar

The “Restaurante Universitário”, located on the 1st floor of building 6 of the Campus de Gambelas, offers the academic community (teachers, staff and students), and the general public a daily buffet lunch menu, for only € 8.5 .

The menu includes starters, soup, meat, fish or vegetarian main course, dessert, drink and coffee. Managed by the Social Action Services (SAS) of UAlg, but with a different menu, this new space also has a group meal service, previously scheduled.

In addition to the daily menu, the recently refurbished “Restaurante Universitário” starts to count, on Fridays, with the partnership of the students of the Hotel Management course at the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT) of UAlg, in the confection meals and service.

Consult weekly menu here.


University restaurant

The SAS food sector provides support for several national and international meetings and initiatives taking place at the University of Algarve. During these events, SAS food units can be responsible for preparing lunches, dinners and coffee breaks. These extra services can be requested via email or in person, and any entity internal or external to UAlg can request them. 

Price list 2020/202 1




Address Penha Road - Penha Campus
8005-139 Faro



Unicard - Meals Management System

In order to improve the conditions of the food service provided to the academic community, namely in what concerns the speed of the payment process and the reduction of waiting times, the Unicard Meal Management System is available in the various food units of the Social Services of the University of Algarve.

How to activate a card?

The user may proceed to activate a card (banking or non-banking) associated to the UNICARD account (preferably the student/staff/teaching staff card) in one of the following places:

  • SAS food units during their opening hours
  • Kiosks available at the Campus canteens
  • Kiosk available at the bar of the Pedagogical Complex of the Gambelas Campus

If the student/staff/teacher card is not available, you can use another card of your choice provided that it has the contactless system or request a provisional card, paying a deposit of 5.00€ that will be later returned.

How to charge the card balance?

After the association of the ID card to the UNICARD account, the card can be loaded with cash or by ATM, in the places mentioned above.

What to do in case of forgetfulness of the card?

In case of forgetting the card, exceptionally, the user may identify him/herself at the cashier operators through the NIF and, after confirming these data, purchase the meal or other operation you want.

How to purchase meals?

The purchase of meals should be made in the kiosks present in the above-mentioned places. In those places you can also check the menus, book meals, check the balance and the movements made, as well as charge your account.

How is the meal provided?

The meal is provided upon presentation of the ID card to the cashier, who, using the support terminal, identifies the user and the type of meal to be consumed.