Message from the Director on the exam map (normal and appeal season)


Dear 1st cycle students of the Faculty of Economics

I hope you are well, as well as your families.

I bring down the exam map (normal season and appeal season) with the new dates already (there was a slight postponement), due to the recent Ministerial Order.

I must emphasize that the canteens, residences, libraries, computer labs and secretariats of the Faculty will continue to function, to support you in this phase of confinement.

In particular, if any student needs to use one of the computer labs to perform an online exam, they must signal in advance to one of the Faculty's secretariats (ground floor and upper floor), so that the laboratory and the respective guardian is made available in the day and time of the exam.

I call the best attention, in particular of the displaced students, that if they choose to return home, they will have to return to Faro, if the exams of the first semester and / or the academic activities of the second semester pass in person. Such a possibility, although unlikely during the examination period, is not at all ruled out, if sanitary conditions permit. In such a scenario, I will send, with some advance, what remains to be fulfilled in the evaluation map, but with the respective rooms marked.

I regret that despite the responsible behavior of most of our academic community, it was not possible to maintain all assessments (and, eventually, the second semester classes) in person.

I reaffirm the essentials of the message I recently sent you: we need to maintain our ‘overcoming attitude’ for some time, so that our ‘hope’ can be realized!

With my best wishes for continued good work, stay well.

Efigénio Rebelo


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