University of Algarve launched Doctoral College

The University of Algarve (UAlg) has recently launched a Doctoral College to promote the interaction of its doctoral students with regional, national and international entities, especially outside the walls of academia.

This College aims to provide an integrating response to the different PhD programmes offered at UAlg, in articulation with the Organic Units and with the Research Centres, and has as its mission, to ensure and promote the quality of training, as well as the development of professional skills in their students, which respond to the needs of the Algarve region at the level of applied research and leading to socially relevant innovation.  The activities to be carried out under this scope also include advanced distance learning, also contributing to the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); with impact on more disadvantaged regions.

Leonor Cancela, UAlg full professor, was nominated director of the Doctoral College, which will be led under the supervision of Alexandra Teodósio, Vice-Rector for Research and Internationalisation, and will have a coordinating committee that also includes PhD students and researchers, as well as professors with experience in doctoral supervision.

According to the vice-rector, "this is an emblematic project of UAlg's strategic plan 2017-2021, which aims to attract the best PhD candidates in the country and the world, as well as improve the training offered, promoting its retention in the region. The Doctoral College also allows the development of transversal skills, academic integrity, ethics, scientific communication and entrepreneurship".

It is also intended to enhance the existing Doctoral Programmes at the University of Algarve, by jointly offering students transversal training, not only in the scientific and technical fields, but also in the acquisition of skills in the personal, social and professional fields, which will be transferable either to the ongoing doctoral process or to an innovative professional activity in the post-doctoral period.

In this context, one of the main foundations for the creation of this Doctoral College is the UAlg Activities Plan 2020. This Plan is based primarily on three major strategic objectives, education, research and transfer and community, and recognizes the relevance of doctoral training in increasing innovative activities in the region with potential application in terms of products and services, which increase the quality of life of the Algarve population.

The UAlg Doctoral College is part of the Research Support Unit (UAIC) and is articulated with the Alumni and Professional Development Office (GASP). Annually, it will hold a "UAlg Doctoral College Meeting", with all the doctoral students and advisors, on a rotating basis and in partnership with Algarve Municipalities and companies, in the presence of strategic international partners.

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