The main objectives of Sociology degree are:

  • To promote the acquisition of theoretical, methodological and conceptual skills and knowledge which are characteristic of sociological knowledge, assuming that this form of scientific knowledge is essential to understand the modern societies, their intrinsic characteristics and processes of social change
  • To provide a solid and basic instrumental education in Sociology, letting the definition of a specialization in Sociology to higher levels of postgraduate education
  • To provide a multidisciplinary and up to date education in accordance with the new scientific paradigms of the social sciences and the volatility of the requirements of the labor market
  • To contribute to a balanced and sustainable social and economic development through the human, scientific and cultural education of human resources
  • To enhance the performance of a critical citizenship through a thorough analysis on the major global, national and regional issues
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Sociology are able to exercise their profession in:

  • State institutions and central services of spatial planning, education, justice, housing, social security, health, culture, statistic and demography
  • Regional organisms of spatial and urban planning, autarchies, regional institutes for environment, health, social security, education, culture and tourism
  • Several companies, in particular, those that act in the fields of opinion and market studies, exploitation of public opinion, communication and art
  • Business departments in areas like human resources, advice, image and strategic planning
  • Non-governmental organizations and IPSS (private institutions of social solidarity)