Electronic Learning Platform

The University of Algarve (UAlg) developed the Electronic Tutoring service, within the scope of the eU (electronic university) project. This service can be considered as a special case of distance learning in the sense that it functions as an extension of the classroom. Like other distance learning systems, this service allows access, via the internet, to varied pedagogical resources and enables an intense interaction between all educational agents.



- Make the website of each module available;

- Provide a space for placing and sharing documentation;

- Allow controlled access for students and teaching staff;

- Implement new forms of communication using forums and chat rooms;

- Use various resources and activities, such as summaries, questionnaires, exercises and online work;

- Record the student's path;

- Allow online correction of assignments and mini tests;

- Allow the electronic submission of course work and exercises;

- Foster a constructive social space;

- Facilitate access to pedagogical information and bring together teaching staff and students.


Technological infrastructure

Electronic tutoring is based on the OpenSource Moodle software, whose programme is considered a Learning Management System (LMS). Each academic year is a separate instance for that academic year only, although they implement the same version of Moodle.


Target audience:

Electronic tutoring is available to all teaching staff and students at http://tutoria.ualg.pt, for the current academic year, as long as they teach or are enrolled on modules in a given academic year, respectively.


Available academic years

Electronic tutoring currently has four active instances, and the direct use of the base address http://tutoria.ualg.pt causes a referral to the instance of the current academic year. Instances can be accessed directly by adding the first four digits of the desired academic year to the base address. For example, access to the 2016/2017 academic year instance is achieved by adding “2016” to the base address, resulting in http://tutoria.ualg.pt/2016.


Useful links

Electronic tutoring, current academic year: http://tutoria.ualg.pt.


More information

For additional information consult the most frequently asked questions or send a message to helpmail@ualg.pt.