• To provide an integrated view of Economics, within the context of all the other social sciences, by providing a solid and multidisciplinary theoretical training
  • To enhance the exercise of citizenship, through the learning of a foreign language and the promotion of opportunities for international contacts
  • Develop students’ ability to analyze situations and find integrated solutions to problems, focusing on the creation of diversified skills, such as critical spirit, creativity and openness to innovation, leadership, ease of communication and socialization, among others
  • To provide a personalized teaching method, with a teaching team scientifically well prepared, where teachers, staff and students maintain a good relationship, in the search for a suitable learning that respects the potential and the characteristics of each student
  • Offer a set of optional subjects that allow all students to start a moderate specialization at the end of the course
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Economics degree are able to work in the follow areas:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Industrial, commercial and service companies
  • Study and planning offices
  • Consulting and project analysis firms
  • Institutions of the central, regional and local public administration
  • National and international economic organizations

Beyond these areas, the graduates in this degree are also able to achieve a particular business idea, through the creation of their own company. 

“For me, the University of Algarve greatly contributed to my professional and personal success and to the creation of my networking contacts. UAlg has been a catalyst for innovation and development in the Algarve."

Luisa Salazar