Application will be considered for:
a) Students holding a Bachelors degree or equivalent qualification from a Portuguese university with appropriate scientific background;
b) Students holding an European Union university degree in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Treaty;
c) Students holding a foreign university degree that is considered suitable by the Scientific Committee;
d) Students with an academic, scientific and professional curriculum that is considered suitable by the Scientific Committee.
University degree, academic transcripts and/or professional background must be applicable to the chosen academic program.


You can choose a program in English or in Portuguese. However, the University of the Algarve does not require an official proof of language, a reasonable knowledge is required. There are Portuguese classes available on campus for those who wish to study in Portuguese or to just learn another language. For Masters programs in English, all lectures, tests and exams are held in English.


Additional to the University tuition and fees, you should make sure to realize your financial options before living in a foreign country. More information is available on LIFE IN THE ALGARVE section or by emailing our program coordinators.

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