How to apply

How to apply

                                                                                   Application deadlines for October 2018 Entry

1st admission round
2nd admission round
3rd admission round*
4th admission round*
until 19 January 2018
until 6 April 2018
until 6 July 2018
 until 3 September 2018
 29 January 2018
16 April 2018
16 July 2018
11 September 2018

* Only for Europan Union (EU) nationals or foreigners living legally in Portugal.


Required documents and information

The application process begins with you providing us with some information about your academic and professional background. You can check below what documents are required. You will also need to pay the application fee, enrollment fee and school insurance. To learn about this, please check subsection"Payments" below. All of this is done when filling out an application form.

After successful submission of your application, the Course Director will revise your profile and decide if you are to be offered a place in the Master. We will let you know about this by email on specific dates (please check "Application deadlines").  Accepted candidates will then be asked to formally enroll in the program. We will send you an email with details about this, but be ready to pay your first installment of the tuition fee. Once this is done, we will send you a formal letter of enrollment in the program and an accommodation letter, which you can use to apply for a  study visa, in case you need one.

All students need to submit:
1.  Application form (available online);
2. CV of your professional and educational background with a color photo;
3. Proof of payment of the application fee, enrollment fee and school insurance;
4. University Degree Certificate and Academic Results Transcripts (If you are non-Portuguese, these documents must be certified in your country by a notary
under the Hague Apostille Convention or by the Portuguese Consulate. Documents in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French do not require translation. Documents in any
other language must be translated into English or Portuguese);
5. Photocopy of passport or identity card;
6. Color photograph;
7. Taxpayer number (for Portuguese applicants only).
Please send your documents to (please submit your documents in pdf-format only).
or  by post to: Secretariado dos Mestrados, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal
Application Fee, Enrollment Fee and School Insurance 
Tuition fee for EU nationals
Tuition fee for International Students*
Application fee: 50€
Enrollment fee: 150€
School insurance: 25€
( 1st year - 2500€;
2nd year - 1000€)
(1st year - 2500€;
2nd year - 2000€)
- Application fee, enrollment fee and school insurance are payable upon application.
-The amount of fees for the 1st year is divided into 8 installments and for the 2nd year into 4 installments. The first installment of the tuition fee in the first year has to be paid when enrolling in the program. 
In accordance with Decree-Law No. 36/2014, international students are nationals of a country outside the European Union, who have not resided legally in Portugal for more than 2 uninterrupted years by the 31st of August of the year in which they wish to be admitted to higher education instituition. 
How to make the application payments?
There are three ways to make the payments:
1) By bank transfer:
Please identify your transfer clearly with the acronym of the Master's program, your first name and surname, for example:
Bank Name: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Account holder: Universidade do Algarve
Bank account number: 0205 0115 29530
NIB (inside Portugal only): 0035 0205 00011529530 19
IBAN:PT50 0035 0205 00011529530 19
Transfer Value: 225 EUR (only payments in Euro will be accepted)
Bank Address:
Campus da Penha
Estrada da Penha
8005-139 Faro
Please send a proof of payment to together with the required documents  (please submit your documents in pdf-format only).
2) Via PayPal: when completing the application form you can choose to pay using PayPal;
3) In person at the Post-Graduate Secretariat of the Faculty of Economics:
Secretariado de Pós-Graduações
Faculdade de Economia
Universidade do Algarve
Campus de Gambelas
8005-139 Faro
Tel: +351 289 800 915
Fax: +351 289 800 065